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All right folks. Today is the big day. It's time for the REVEAL :)

adair7 wrote The Earth May Crumble for cinnamon_kisses

silentscream821 wrote Punishment? for choosetodream

cinnamon_kisses wrote Rebel Without A Cause for silentscream821

chinesebakery wrote Missteps for apresmoi

unicornhime wrote Lucky for saskaia

nightsoftamara wrote The M Word for malaleen

malaleen wrote The Day That Bella Gave Emmett His Greatest Wish...Sort Of for heatherie

snugglemuggle wrote Throbbing for reetinkerbell

casper_san wrote Not Lost, Simply Found for nightsoftamara

saskaia wrote Poltergeist Love Like Savannah Heat for lye_tea

choosetodream wrote Playing School for factorywannabe

reetinkerbell wrote Amazing Things for unicornhime

rydia wrote What Difference Does It Make for adair7

cinnamon_kisses wrote Property Damage for silentscream821

silentscream821 wrote Fix You for jadeddiva

unicornhime wrote Time On My Hands for rydia

adair7 wrote Surviving You for chinesebakery

cinnamon_kisses wrote Distraction for casper_san

All of the entries this round were absolutely AMAZING, and if you haven't already, you should all go back and read and review each and every one of these fantastic fics.

Now that the reveal has been posted, feel free to post your fics on your personal journals, or to advertise them in other communities if you so choose. Also, if I have done any of the following:

-Have not posted your submission
-Have not posted your request
-Mislabeled your fic as someone else's

Feel free to bash me over the head with something (Edward Cullen, perhaps? ;))

Thank you all for participating, and I hope to see you all again next round :D
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